Our Services, our Professionalism.

Sometimes, choosing to buy or update software can result in simply receiving a "box" and nothing else with it.

Virtual Lab-DOTgroup produces highly advances and innovative solutions.

Years of hard work have gone into bettering their products and services. This is also thanks to the close relationship they maintain with the end user.

When necessary we provide phone, fax, email and video conference services bringing you real time professional support with a smile.

Virtual Lab-DOTgroup also means brainstorming, studying and designing of multiplatform CAD technology based solutions (Mac OS and Windows) and their maintenance.

On this note we would like to remind yo that
Virtual Lab-DOTgroup also provides:

__- Specific custom software solutions based on our CAD parametric technology for both
____the industry and the public;

__- Specific custom software solutions for computations and such to integrate with
____CAD systems;

__- Specific additions to our software's functionalities;

__- Basic and advanced level courses to help the end user understand the software available
____through us and other companies. You choose your own times and can take the course from
____your own office or home with our online system or directly at customer;

__- Direct advice for small studios or great companies aimed at obtaining maximum efficiency
____for the user's clientele;

__- Software solutions sales for the Mac OS and Windows platforms;

For more information, consulting our Support page or drop us an email on the Contact page.

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