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DCAD line-(ArtDesigner) facilitates the use of freehand vectorial sketch effects for both DCAD VectorSpace and Vectorworks, integrating a post-processor for images and renderings obtained by DCAD VectorSpace, Vectorworks, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, Artlantis, 3DStudio Max, ArchiCAD, Domus.Cad, pCon.planner, 3Cad, ArredoCAD, Winner Design, NBL Landscape Designer and other rendering software, including standard photographic images.

Note: This product is included into the DCAD VectorSpace (ProArchitect bundle). DCAD Student users can purchase this product at our online Store.

Back in 1995 we developed freehand sketch technology for pcs. With DCAD line-(ArtDesigner) we continued to evolve from our initial pursuit and the software possesses its own unique parameters.

When using
DCAD VectorSpace with Vectorworks, it enables one to modify drawings that are created by way of hidden lines, as well as vectorial plans, sections and elevations, creating several vectorial options such as “hand drawings and sketches”. It can also undertake a vectorial analysis of drawings, allowing one to quickly highlight and delete groups of lines that have specific characteristics, such as specific lengths and or angles.

Vectorial components that are obtained via the removal of hidden lines in
DCAD VectorSpace or Vectorworks, can be exported to PTF 2D (Parametric Text Format) into DCAD line. It allows the same file format to be modified by automatically inserting the resulting graphic functions into
DCAD VectorSpace's palette, or by generating a specific graphics file that can be imported into Vectorworks.


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System requirements:
MacOS vers. 10.6 until 10.11.
Windows vers. Windows XP-Windows Vista-Windows 7-8-10 (recommended).

Language: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch.

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Software requirements:
only for vectorial mode: DCAD VectorSpace from version 305.
Vectorworks (by Nemetschek Vectorworks Inc.) from version 2012.

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The DCAD line-(ArtDesigner) vectorials effects.
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The DCAD line-(ArtDesigner) image post-processor.
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