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DCAD organizer
is DCAD VectorSpace's own file and addon organizer and manager.

Note: This product is included for free into the DCAD VectorSpace (ProArchitect bundle) package. For the DCAD Student users, it’s possible purchase this product separately on our Store.

With DCAD organizer you can monitor all of your works in progress thanks to its memorisation of your files into a completely manageable special list. It also remembers files that are frequently opened (even they're not saved into any premade listings) up to a maximum of 10 files.

With a simple double click you can quickly access your work files and set up an autosave timer ranging from a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 1 hour.

Aside from recording currently active files,
DCAD organizer creates backups for these documents (up to a maximum of 5), giving you the option of multiple undos and reverts. For example, if backing up files is set up to happen once every 5 minutes, after 25 minutes you'll still be able to revert to a previous version, dramatically reducing time lost on your work.

A folder is created on every backup and named after your active project along with the current date, working for you just like a multiplaform “Time Machine system”. The folders can comfortably be erased once your work is finished.

DCAD organizer manages your project files (.DVS), Library objects (_LIB.DVS) and model files (.DVL). For every file that's been recorded it has the capability to remember any notes connected to them in order to remember any details related to your works in progress.

DCAD organizer has a simple palette user interface which remains active above DCAD VectorSpace without hindering its use. By launching this app DCAD VectorSpace will be also be opened. You can also open any other DCAD VS addons from the Applications menu, which also lets you manage the opening of other present software like DCAD line, DCAD technical, DCAD translator, DCAD optimizer, Adobe Photoshop(®) and CAD File Converter(®).

This software also includes
DCAD_calculator which allows you to run a calculation window on top of
DCAD VectorSpace. With this you can make complex calculations with the option of using mathematical expressions and to directly paste the results in a coordinates field of any two or three-dimensional element being made in DCAD VectorSpace.

The "Help" menu also allows you to open applications like
Skype and the “Virtual Lab_TeamVieweQS” for direct customer support with our staff.




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System requirements: MacOS vers. 10.4-10.5-10.6 (10.7 or superior supported with creation of virtual machine (by installing Parallels Desktop-VMware-VirtualBox) with MacOS 10.5 or 10.6).
Windows vers. Windows XP-Windows Vista-Windows 7-8-10 (recommended).

Language: English, Italian, Spanish.

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Software requirements:
DCAD VectorSpace
from version 305.

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DCAD organizer's palette when it's closed.

DCAD organizer's palette when it's open, with also the info note for each file.

DCAD organizer's preference settings window.