This section is dedicated to our customers. Links to other websites for various purposes as 2D/3D objects, textures and so on.

Important note: many websites have made 3D objects available in DWG-DXF-3DS and C4D formats. Since they can be translated into DCAD VectorSpace we strongly suggest using Cinema 4D since it can help with various operations (de-triangulation, etc.) as well as optimization of 3D geometry in projects in order to obtain more compact objects (therefore not formed by single 3D faces) making them easier to manage within a DCAD VectorSpace environment.

DWG or DXF file formats can also be converted to any DCAD VectorSpace importable files by using the CAD File Converter module (of Interstudio Srl) or better by DraftSight (of Dassault Systèmes). In order to achieve the best results the conversion should be carried out using the DXF R12 format which supports more primitive essential graphical elements, despite it being such an old format.

We suggest also the
DCAD optimizer for the better integration of DCAD VectorSpace with Cinema 4D and SketchUp. is a site where you can find and download 2D and 3D library objects for furniture to then import them into DCAD VectorSpace as DWG or DXF files. We highly recommend it to users as an extremely professional website.

BlocchiCad is an italian site where you can download library objects and other various graphical parts in DWG or DXF formats. The site is dedicated to AutoCAD users, however thanks to
DCAD VectorSpace's importation and conversion capabilities you can make full use of anything you find on this site.

3D Collections is another interesting site with free downloads available for models and 3D objects. These elements are normally available in a .3ds format. On that note we recommend using Cinema 4D in order to convert these files to .dxf formats so you can import them into DCAD VectorSpace. This site also provides a huge amount of links to other websites with more 3D object libraries.

DOSCH DESIGN is one of Cinema 4D's graphic library producer websites as well as other software that support the file formats presented. These fantastic libraries contain a great variety of extremely professional element types. DOSCH DESIGN products can be purchased via our company.

ARCHIVISION is another one of Cinema 4D's graphic library producer websites as well as other software that support the file formats presented. ARCHIVISION Libraries provide users with a wide range of incredibly realistic element types. ARCHIVISION products can be purchased via our company. A very amazing web site rich of 3D object (free and with payment). 3D model for 3D printer are available. CGTrader is also a community that organize various services as selling of your 3D models and more. Don't miss that! An authentic Architectural toolbox where you can download a vast variety of 2D and 3D objects as well as full designs and drawing in a DWG format. It's also possible to purchase all of the libraries available at a reasonable price. Other resources that are useful to designers are also available. An italian site for a rich community of users who can freely download documentation, library objects and much more (registration is required). Official site for Artek's furniture elements - Registration is required for downloading. A rich generic website with a bit of everything. A very rich 3D object website with files mainly saved in 3DS. Free to download. A very rich site with links to others website. Ideal for 3D objects research in many formats as DWG-DXF-3DS-C4D-3DMF and others. A site with oriental style 3D plant, tree objects and textures. A site with oriental styled 3D objects and textures in various formats. Site dedicated to the Margraf italian society with stone and marble textures. Vogue ceramics website where you can download catalogues and textures for materials. An incredible site where you can download highly professional texture materials (registration required). A site with lots of choice over professional texture materials. Site with a wide variety of downloadable professional texture materials. A site where you can choose from a wide variety of texture material downloads. The site also has various resources like 3D objects (not detailed) also available in DWG format. Same site with panorama images for backgrounds available for download. Once again the same exact site but with "HDRI" images that you can download freely (High Dynamic Range Image). These files can be manipulated through DCAD render or Cinema 4D where they get assigned as materials for either sky or backdrop entities. HDRI images have special traits which directly affect radiosity based rendering (global lighting) obtainable with software such as Cinema 4D and similar. They can also be manipulated in apps like Adobe Photoshop and can be calibrated and saved in other formats by importing them into DCAD VectorSpace. A rich russian site with a wide variety of downloadable 3DS objects. This site bring as denomination "Syncronia Architecture Victims" and is possible download many 3D objects in DWG format, materials catalogs and various technical documentation. A good reference for all planners. Important website created by the artist Greg Zaal with spectacular ''HDRI'' (High Dynamic Range Image) and many textures can download freely.

The SketchUp warehouse to download 2D/3D models and by DCAD optimizer, convert them into
DCAD VectorSpace.
MAXON Computer is Cinema 4D's official home website.

Adimex is the Australian's official Cinema 4D distributor's website.

GRM Studio is Italy's official Cinema 4D distributor's website. GRM Studio is one of Virtual Lab's italian commercial partners.

C4D zone is like a Cinema 4D beehive. As a matter of fact this is the italian community website for Cinema 4D users. This site is extremely rich and complete with a grand variety of resources.

C4D hotline is another interesting Cinema 4D community website, also filled with plenty of resources.

frenchcinema4d is a french website for Cinema 4D users. 3D objects in C4D file formats and textures available.
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