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DCAD VectorSpace-for student
is a 2D and 3D complete CAD software solution, derivate from our professional version of DCAD VectorSpace, (dedicated to Architecture, Interior design, Furniture, Engineering, Exhibition Stands, Scenography, Monuments, Funerary Art, Landscaping and communication Graphics).

DCAD VectorSpace-for student is the ideal low price solution for teachers ,students and young and small professionals but with all the performances of DCAD VectorSpace and anyone who wants to try and learn DCAD VectorSpace's functionalities before deciding on the purchase.

Try it for free for 30 days!
...and buy it for only 429 AUD (GST included)!

Technical specifications and restrictions:

- Dedicate to teacher and student;
- The license must be renewed annually (annually cost AUD 138,60);
- Complete 2D/3D work mode with integrated Rendering engine;
- New 370
DCAD VectorSpace graphic engine with parametric functions;
- Export to PTF 2D and PTF 3D (DCAD VS Parametric Text Format) formats to convert your work into the
__DCAD line-(ArtDesigner) or DCAD optimizer (for translate to CINEMA 4D and translate from SketchUp);
- Export to DWG-DXF 2D/3D, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, GIF and many more formats;

Note: DCAD line-(ArtDesigner), DCAD optimizer, DCAD organize, DCAD technical, DCAD translator, CAD File Converter are DCAD VectorSpace’s modules with separately purchase on our Store.


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System requirements: Windows vers. Windows XP-Windows Vista-Windows 7-8-10 (recommended).

Language: English, Italian, Spanish.

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Download the brochure:

pdficon DCAD VectorSpace (English)
pdficon DCAD VectorSpace (Italian)
pdficon DCAD VectorSpace (Russian)

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