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"Anche la Marina USA il suo programma" ("Also the "USA" Navy use your application" an article published on the "Gazzetta di Lecco" newspaper).

"La stampa e DCAD VectorSpace" (italian reviews by specialised press).

Article "
L'Arreda Negozi" (An interesting article published on italian "Federlegno Furniture's" magazine).

Article "
Progettare coi Vettori" (Technical article published on the "Applicando" italian magazine).

Article "
Tutorial Villa" (Tech tutorial published on the "Computer Arts" italian magazine).
Article "
Table Tutorial" (Tech tutorial published on the "Computer Arts" italian magazine).
Article "
Lamp Tutorial" (Tech tutorial published on the "Applicando" italian magazine).
The United States - Naval Research Laboratory choose DCAD VectorSpace.

July 2010 -
Following many years of use of our past application DenebaCAD, the prestigious
"Naval Research Laboratory" in
Washington D.C. (USA), choose DCAD VectorSpace.

Our company is now registered into the "Central Contractor Registration (CCR)" of USA Government.
AIPi has discovered how DCAD VectorSpace can be an ideal product for modelling, designing and presenting interior architecture concepts.

AIPi: DCAD VectorSpace is the best software for interior architecture - the reasons are:

___- DCAD VectorSpace has a highly intuitive user interface which benefits from Apple's typical graphical
_____simplicity even on the Windows platform;

___- Communicates with standard CAD and graphical apps that are indispensable to a designer.
_____Thanks to this communication with various formats it's possible to liberate one's own creativity;

___- It includes a simple and effective rendering engine that stimulates the use of photorealistic
_____presentations when drawing up a project and produces outlined and numbered blueprints as
_____well as photorealistic perspectives;

___- Shows a great solid modeler versatility, an advantage for designers, interior designers, and fitters;

___- Provides a simple and innovative instrument customization technology aimed to developing
_____production competitiveness for furniture agencies;

___- Provides the free and royalty free distribution of an Educational licence for DCAD Student Edition,
_____which students can use to design, model, render, print in any format, import, export projects to files
_____up to 10MB and save them without a size limit. A brave move aimed at growth of competition;

___- Many of our subscribers are satisfied with the use of this software and we're proud to know that one
_____of our committees suggested and tested many of the more recently implemented instruments,
_____particularly interior design utilities;

AIPi, Italian Interior Architecture Designers Association - January 2005 - Luigi Pallavicini, president
DCAD VectorSpace lands at RAI (Radiotelevisione italiana).

June 2006 - The first 3D modelling course was held in RAI's Rome headquarters which chose
DCAD VectorSpace for scene and environments design.

December 2006 - The second 3D modelling course was held in RAI's Rome headquarters. Prof. Eugenio Tavassi is an important RAI's scenograph that use with very satisfation the
DCAD VectorSpace application.
Zero Studio Srl.

Founded by Matteo Piedi, the Zero Studio Srl is a company specialised in designing and producing theater scenes, scenographies for television networks, expo, conferences, musical concerts and so on.

An important work firmed by
Zero Studio Srl is the australian musical "Priscilla the queen of the desert", rapresented in many italian theater in 2011. Zero Studio Srl use for is work DCAD VectorSpace and CINEMA 4D.
Umberto Piedi Srl.

The Umberto Piedi Srl historical firm specialized in designing and producing scenes for Mediaset and other television networks.

"Festivalbar" scenes are pre-emptively designed and rendered with DCAD VectorSpace by the Umberto Piedi Srl company based in Lissone (north Italy near Monza).
"Accademia Moda & Design" chooses DCAD VectorSpace.

Chieti's "Fashion & Design Academy" is directed by Dr. Franca Anna Decembrotto and has been using
DCAD VectorSpace for years as the software of choice for its own CAD, Interior Design and "Interior designer" courses.

"Clida Formazione" chooses DCAD VectorSpace.

Florence's "
Clida Formazione" has been using DCAD VectorSpace for years as its Interior Design courses software. Catia Zagaglia is DCAD VectorSpace's certified tutor.

"Istituti Callegari" chooses DCAD VectorSpace.

May 2007 - "
Istituti Callegari" (Callegari Institutes) choses DCAD VectorSpace as it's CAD for the Interior Design courses software. The Istituti Callegari was founded in 1937 and take care of professional training and specialization as well as providing professional courses in Graphics, CAD, Interior Design, I.T., Fashion and Goldsmithing.

"Istituti Callegari" has sites in Milan, Verona, Florence, Rome and other italian cities. They also offer certified 3D CAD courses thanks to qualified and certified DCAD VectorSpace's trainers such as Paolo Tosi, Catia Zagaglia and Marco Damiani.

The major highlights are in 2007, when it became part of the biggest European group in the education sector, the Cepu Group.

Carrara's Accademia di Belle Arti.

This academy adopted
DCAD VectorSpace for its computer aided 3D design and modeling activities.

Students frequenting his prestigious italian University will use our software solution in Scenographic courses at the Cybo Malaspina Palace.

Reggio Calabria's Mediterranean University.

2004 - This University's Architectural faculty in Reggio Calabria (as well as its Restoration Lab and DASTEC department), all adopted DCAD VectorSpace for their teaching activities.

Our compliments and best wishes go out to them for a fruitful and synergetic collaboration!

DCAD VectorSpace the solid solution, choisen by NAD-Nuova Accademia del Design of Verona.

March 2016 - our company group has signed an important and exclusive contract with NAD-New Academy of Design of Verona, which determines an interesting partnership designed to provide new software tools dedicated to the courses for interior design and other future courses that the same academy will designate.

NAD students benefit from powerful new 2D/3D graphics and rendering applications, and in addition to an exclusive dedicated support service.

For information please contact:
NAD-Nuova Accademia del Design of Verona - Via Luigi Pasteur nr.12/A - 37135 Verona (VR) - Italy - Tel. +39 045 58.24.48

or by website: